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Root Canal

You Don’t Have to Live with Pain

To help you preserve every tooth possible, we can assist you with root canal therapy. This treatment cleans infected tissue out of the center of a tooth. The inner canal is then filled with sterile material and the top of the tooth is closed. Then Dr. Gangi and his Gangi Dental staff strengthen that tooth with a crown.

Count on Gangi Dental professionals to help you preserve your smile with excellent dental service.

See What Our Patients Are Saying


“Just wow!!!! Gangi dental is an amazing facility. I have never been pampered at the dentist’s office. I was listened to and all of my concerns were addressed. I really look forward to the dental goals we have set. This is more than a dentist’s office, this is a dental spa!! Thank you Gangi 🌹!!”

Katrina K.


“I love this place and I’ve never liked going to the dentist but now I don’t mind at all. Dr. Gangi and her team are always very gentle which is important because no one likes pain especially in the mouth! No complaints! All I’ve had is positive visits love this place!”

Timur Y.


“Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. They definitely work hard to make your visit as comfortable as possible. I am always surprised by how quickly my visits go by, even for cavity and crown work. I have been a customer for 8 years and have had nothing but good experiences and quality work!”

Tony L.

A Root Canal Doesn’t Have to be Scary

A root canal is a dental treatment which repairs and saves damaged or infected teeth.It is a relatively simple procedure that can be done in one to three visits.

The patient is diagnosed and comes into Gangi Dental for their scheduled root canal appointment.

The tooth is opened to allow for removal of infected or dead dental pulp.

The tooth is comprehensively cleaned, including any cracks and canals.

With special tools, the dentist reshapes the canals.

The tooth is filled again with cutting edge, biocompatible filling material.

Are You Suffering from Dental Discomfort?

Don’t Delay Schedule Your Treatment Today!

Anesthesia Is Used to Lessen Discomfort

Of course you’ll be numbed up! We make sure we have all our patients comfortable before we perform any dental procedure. And we will make sure we deliver our awesome acupressure technique to alleviate the delivery of the anesthetic, so you don’t feel much. How Gangi is that?

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